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Versailles in Santiago (06.06.10)

I haven't updated in months! But yertesrday was one of the better days in my life.

ADVERTISING: As you may know, english is not my forte...

The show was planned to start at 20:00 and fan meeting (VIP tickets only) at 17:00 but i arrived in theater at 07:00, as you can see it was a long day for me... even there were like +20 people before me :S and organisation in the line was really bad, Versailles chilean street team was doing all for their own convenience. I was angry but anyway i was so excited that i forgot everything.

In the line i met weonderful people, including two girls from Brasil (one of them called Deborah), an amazing japanese (Tomo), Jennifer ♥ and her husband they were all so beautiful and i was really worry about them and tried to speak them with basic and poor enligsh

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
my face is that coz i didn't sleep previous night and drank D: (never again!)

Afternoon was exhaustive and long but finally was time for fan meeting. I took my cure magazine 55 (Versailles on cover. Gift from Shintomo) to be signed by them but i bought Jubilee CD (*i got TERU card) and one photoset so i didn't know what item choose (sadly they only was signing ONE item)...

We was in the same theater but on the high zone waiting for Versailles, there were two tables, one for them with water bottles, roses and pens, the other one was there just to leave gifts. When they finally appeared girls started screaming and crying xD and i was in shock, they look perfect like porcelain dolls, they are all beautiful!

This was the order (L to R) TERU, KAMIJO, YUKI and HIZAKI. when they was in their places we could start. Sadly everything was too fast for time (fan meeting was planned to be saturday but Versailles had problems arriving in Brasil and it changed dates)... one by one we were passing fast for sings and done :/

When i was standing in fron of them my legs was shaking like a little girl xD... I asked them to sign my magazine and Jubilee CD cover even staff people was saying "fast, ok, go there...) HIZAKI was first and he said "Gracias" (thank you) he looks awesome and his sweet voice make you wanna hug him, after it i shaked his hand. Next was YUKI, i didn't use to look him for real, but i saw he looks sexy and he's SO nice and happy! :) he too said "gracias" ♥ ... and then was the moment that i was waiting, KAMIJO in front of me, he was puting sexy faces and playing with his tongue all time and i was white and didn't know what to say, he signed his page in my magazine and gave me his hand, that is perfect xD! and then i asked him to sign my disc (sain o kudasai) as well like eveybody did. and he did it, said something and gave me his hand once again, i was melting, i guess he said "muchas gracias" (thank you very much) and something else in japanese. Was in that moment when the big son of a bitch from staff started screaming (go! fast! ... etc) and i went to TERU's place, he's smiling all the time and is totally cute as you may know... and his skin looks perfect!

that was everytinhg ... really short :( ... and then was moment for concert. It took a lot and people was so impatient for being on top ¬¬ ... because of bad organization

Scenary was beautiful and they came out one by one after courtains went up, it was all magic... sadly some stupid people started throwing roses and some of them hit the members.
We know they didn't play all songs from Setlist in Brazil, but here they played the entired list. Maybe coz' they recorded the show. First song was Aristochrat's symphony

KAMIJO loves making girls go crazy, four girls from audience (at leats for what i saw) fainted, one of them had the luck of receiving one kiss from KAMIJO. He too throwed back some roses after kiss them. I almot faint when he screamed "Welcome to Versailles" I love it xD

Four members are crazy, YUKI never stop playing the drums, and he do it very well. TERU loves to go jumping and being sweet, HIZAKI is full of grace and elegance doing some moves with hands. And KAMIJO showed his tongue and did sexy moves (really SEXY). As well there was fanservice for girls! MASASHI was in his place as usual, but in some moments he went in front, looks good and would like to see him in front with the band.

There were amazing moment like Silent knight, TERU and HIZAKI did magic with their capes ! And TERU did a cute solo :3 ... KAMIJO's voice keeps getting better every day and every song!... he used to speak in spanish in some moments, but mainly in japanese and english asking "do you like rose? do you like KAMIJO?" and people scream like being killed xD... when they played Serenade, i noticed KAMIJO was sad and looked like if he were almost crying, i don't know if that happens everytime they play that song and he fell in the floor :( .

In encore they played The red carpet day, it was mad and crazy! everybody was jumping and screaming and looks like KAMIJO likes that xD ...last song was The revenant choir and before they leave stage KAMIJO said so much things like scream something to Jasmine You, chilean audience really miss him. And he too came up with translator and said that he give us roses to forget the pain of the february big earthquake (i can't remember the correct sentence but it was sweet) and they throwed lots of roses, lots of pics, a bottle that i almost take :( and i touched YUKI's hand :)

Some bad moments was for the poor HIZAKI, in a song that i can't remember he was doing his moves and people took him like desperate... same when he fell and they stupidly pulled his hair, clothes and even his face. I hope they didn't hurt him.

Show was amazing, more than 2 hours. this is the firt time i see a real japanese visual kei band on stage :3 i was looking for meet KAMIJO and it was like heaven. Sorry but that boy is hot!

some pics from items

Photobucket signed Jubilee
Photobucket TERU trading card (i'm looking for trade it for KAMIJO card)
Photobucket signed pages from Cure, maybe you can't see signs very well, KAMIJO used a black pen xB

Now i'm exhausted. Good night!

[4] ネガ icons

i tried to make new Nega icons, even they ever are veeery simple maybe someone like one ... i dont know xD!


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